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About CTQP


On June 29, 1995, The Federal Highway Administration issued a requirement as part of the Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction. The Code of Federal Regulations, (CFR) 637.207, requires that after June 2000, all "sampling and testing" shall be executed by qualified laboratories and qualified sampling and testing personnel. This rule permits the use of data for materials acceptance from the contractors, provided they and their laboratories have been qualified by FDOT.

What is CTQP?

CTQP is a program through which Construction technicians and contractors can receive training and become qualified to test materials to improve the quality of Florida's roads.

CTQP offers training/qualifications in aggregates, asphalt, concrete, earthwork, geo-technical construction methods, structures and construction cost accounting for FDOT.

A significant part of the CTQP mission includes maintaining an internet accessible database to track all the qualification data related to courses as well as Trainees. This is handled by the CTQP Administrator's website which you are accessing now. This website is designed to support CTQP qualification inquiries from trainees, employers and FDOT management.

Implementation Teams

Historically, four industry/FDOT teams worked on the quality of the technical content of the courses. They reviewed the submittals of the training consultants and monitored the technical content of the courses and exams. Additionally, a Database team was responsible for guiding the development of the systems required to handle the demands of the QC2000 initiative. These five teams were led by the following FDOT employees:


John Shoucair

Asphalt Rich Hewitt
Concrete Ronda Daniell
Earthwork Stanley Youmas
QC Manager Richard Massey
Final Estimates Sherry Valdez (interim)
Pile Driving Juan Castellanos
Drilled Shaft Juan Castellanos

These duties are now handled by the CTQP Technical Review Teams (TRT) on behalf of FDOT. Click here for TRT contact information.

Asphalt Lab Facilities

FDOT constructed two Asphalt Laboratory training facilities now used for CTQP, one is on the site of the FDOT's old State Materials Office which has now been transferred to the University of Florida in Gainesville. The other is at the Florida Turnpike's Snapper Creek service plaza on the turnpike in south Dade County. Training for courses that do not require use of an asphalt laboratory may also be offered by CTQP course Providers at other more convenient locations secured by the CTQP course Providers. A list of those CTQP course Providers can be accessed by clicking here Thanks to everyone involved for making these training labs a reality.  

Advisory Committee & TRTs

The Technical Review Teams and the Advisory Committee are the keys to the success of CTQP. Members from industry associations, Federal Highway Administration, and FDOT along with contractors and consultants comprise the Advisory Committee. They provide general program direction and deal with policy issues.

Click here for TRT contact information.

   An instructor from Williams Earth Sciences, Inc. demonstrates the Speedy Moisture Test for ECI 1.

Course Registration

FDOT approved Providers will be handling the registration process for individual class sessions. Satisfactory completion of required self-study courses and other work experience will be verified at the district level prior to registration. To register for a course, click on the link to the training Providers at the end of this paragraph, select a Provider and follow their instructions.  Please contact the Provider of the class session you have chosen to make inquiries about acceptable methods of payment. For an updated list of our CTQP Training Providers, click here.
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