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Construction Training & Qualification Program Administration

Program Administrator
Alfka, LLC

100 South Ashley Drive
Suite 600
Tampa, FL 33602

Tel: (813) 412-6065
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Starting on 01/15 we will begin to incrementally add elements to the CTQP website, with the goal that before the end of this year, to have a fully functional CTQP portal for your use in ordering exams, downloading certificates and submitting exams for grading. The first elements that we will have available on 01/15 are:

  • A Common Questions knowledge-base that you can search and find information about CTQP and its administration. This knowledge-base will grow with the program and new information will be added and catalogued so that you can easily access it.
  • A library of Documents and Forms that you can download for your use in proctoring exams and instructing courses. As well as forms for students to use when validating work experience and certificates outside CTQP.
  • In order to maintain a better organization of the exams and to safeguard their integrity, all exams will have a 30-day expiration. Exam packages provided by FDOT will expire on 01/31/2020.

    For all certifications that require additional documentation, such as work experience or Non-CTQP certificates we have created affidavits to help the trainees. These affidavits are available to download from the Document and Forms section from the website, and will be emailed to each Provider as part of individual exam packages. We ask for your help in reminding trainees that their CTQP qualification will not be issued until all supporting documentation is provided. Our preference would be to receive all required documentation at the same time we receive the exams for grading. That way we can issue certifications for all of the trainees from one exam at the same time. In short, if you could, please collect all required documentation from the trainees and send them to us with the entire exam package for grading.

    We appreciate your hard work in maintaining the high integrity of the CTQP and the capacitation of our State's technicians. With your help we will continue to work in the improvement of the administration of Florida's CTQP.