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Current Announcements (updated 10/10/2018)


To improve costs for re-qualifying CTQP technicians, the Department has implemented the High Performance (HP) Re-Qualification program. For Technicians to utilize this program they must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have performed the minimum number of test required
  • Any strikes cleared within 365 days from 1st strike
  • Number of years evaluated, must be a minimum of 3 out of 5 years
  • Methods IA'd by observation, must be a minimum of 1 observation

The FDOT State Materials Office provides an online publication/report that identifies eligible Technicians. This report is the "Technician Re-qualifi cation Summary Report" and is found at this link:, under the Independent Assurance header.

At this time, electronic records of test reports limit the Qualification Areas to the following Level 1 Qualifications:

  • Qualified Sampler Technician*
  • LBR Technician
  • Asphalt Plant Technician - Level 1
  • Concrete Lab Technician - Level 1**
  • Concrete Field Technician -Level 1**

*Please note, the Qualified Sampler Technician qualification can be obtained by passing the Qualified Sampler Technician written and proficiency exams OR by having the Aggregate



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Base Testing Technician or Aggregate Testing Technician qualifications, obtained with ACI certifications. If initial Qualified Sampler Technician qualification was obtained with ACI certifications the HP Re-qualification Program will not renew the ACI certification.

**Please note, for the Concrete Laboratory Technician and Concrete Field Inspector qualifications the HP Re-qualification Program renews the corresponding FDOT Specification course requirements. The HP Re-qualification does not renew the ACI certifications, which are still a requirement.

For a Technician to apply for requalification through the HP Re-Qualification Program they must submit an application through the FDOT's CTQP website. There is a $79.95 requalification fee for this program. The online HP Re-Qualification Program application can be found at this link:

This language will be included in the next editing cycle of the CTQM.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Robeson at (850) 414-4492. DAS/sr

*Attention Pile Driving Providers:

Course Materials New Release: Pile Driving Inspector, Release 10, July 2018*

The exams, manual and presentation for Pile Driving Inspector have been updated. The new course materials are Pile Driving Inspector, Release 10, July 2018. Exams are available for order now.

Transition period: There is a thirty (30) day transition period to use the Pile Driving Inspector, Release 8, January 2015 exams in your inventory. No Pile Driving Inspector, Release 8, January 2015 exams should be used on or after January 30, 2019.

*New look: * Pile Driving Inspector, Release 10, July 2018 has a new look. The first five printed pages are "Exam Instructions". Pages one and two are specific to the exam, pages 3 - 5 are generic on every exam. The FDOT has added an Examination Question Challenge Form that MUST be completed at the time of the exam if a trainee chooses to challenge a question.

*Coming soon: * DVDs with Pile Driving Inspector, Release 10, July 2018 materials are being mailed to approved FDOT Pile Driving Inspector Providers. A pdf file with additional information on the exam's new look is included.

CTQP Holiday Schedule:

CTQP will be closed on Monday, January 1st, 2018, Monday, May 28th, Wednesday, July 4th, and Monday, September 3rd.

CTQP will also be closed on, Thursday, November, 22nd and Friday, November 23rd. Providers, please submit all Rush Orders by EOB on Tuesday, November 20th if you need the exams by Wednesday, November 21st because CTQP will NOT be shipping exams on Wednesday, November 21st.

CTQP will also be closed on, Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th. Providers, please submit all Rush Orders by EOB on Thursday, December 20th if you need the exams by Friday, December 21st because CTQP will NOT be shipping exams on Friday, December 21st.

CTQP will also be closed on Tuesday, January 1st, 2019.

Please contact the CTQP Administrator with any questions at 813-864-2595 or

New CTQP Rush Order Policy:

CTQP will no longer fill RUSH Orders on Fridays after 1pm. If Providers submit a RUSH Order after 1pm Friday, the Order will be filled the following working day. Please contact CTQP with any questions.

CTQP Combined Course Schedules, Examination Schedules, and Prices for All CTQP Training Providers

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